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      Dinitrotropine is an anti-coccidiogen with both preventive and curative effects. It is effective to many kinds of coccidioides emmetus in chicken, especially to poison and tender emmetchium.


      Synonyms:3,5-Dinitro-o-toluamide = Dinitolmide; Bornylformiat; Zoalene; 3,5-Dinitro-o-toluamide

      Molecular Weight: 225.16

      EINECS: 205-706-4

      Appearance:white or yellowish powder


      Application: Pharmaceutical Raw Intermediates


      What is dinitolmide

      Dinitolmide is a white or yellowish powder, and is a fodder additive for poultry.

      Dinitolmide is used to prevent coccidiosis infections.

      Dinitolmide is also known under trade names such as Coccidine A, Coccidot, and Zoamix


      Function & Application

      Function of dinitolmide

      1.Dinitolmide is a Nitrate benzamide anticoccidial drug.

      2.The recommended dosage does not affect immunity of chickens to coccidiosis,so it is suitable for laying hens and broiler breeders.

      3.Not easy to cause drug resistance,stable product quality and good fluidity.


      Application of dinitolmide

      Dinitolmide is a broad spectrum, highly effective, safe and non residue anti coccidiosis drug. It can promote chicken growth in feed. dinitolmide is effective for Eimeria species, such as tenderness, brucellosis, stacking, giant Eimeria and Turkey coccidian.

      Especially for the Eimeria tenella and the toxic Eimeria tenella, the main effect is to inhibit the asexual cycle of spore spores.Dinitolmide is not only used for prevention, but also can be used for treatment. The dosage of this product has no adverse effects on the growth, development and hatchability of the chicken.

      Dinitolmide has a good effect on the prevention and treatment of coccidiosis in rabbits.

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